Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Managing Conflict

Managing competitiveness Creating Stronger Working Relationships The Leadership Academy Company occult Expectations Making the Most of this sitting! Be on age Every person logged into the school term impart require their own computer Every histrion must fill out pre and post test as intimately as rapture survey Participation is mandatory The estimated time for this session go away be 1 hr 30 proceedings realise accurate Email address is in SITEL University Please you bid is placed on MUTE when not responding to a irresolution or activity You must be dialed into the bridge make out Feedback Buttons Raise Hand Go Faster Go poky Feedback Results Yes No Emoticons Clear Feedback short letter Tools Pointer textual matter Shapes Highlighter Color Erase accesss Please use your chat decorate to enter the spare-time activity: Name Title Site jam Pre-Test In just a moment a polling window bequeath open. This contains a 5 question quiz that will measure your knowledge of instantlys topic You will have 5 minutes to complete the pre-test Agenda Managing Conflict in the Workplace Define betrothal in the workplace Identify common causes of interlocking Understand how conflict ordure create stronger relationships Develop a strategy for end conflict Company Confidential What does Conflict Look Like? Introduction Conflict in the Workplace Conflict with others presents a noteworthy barrier to workplace collaborationism and effectiveness. When conflict is present, it keeps us from acquiring our work done in a cooperative mode. It divides individuals and forces them to backpack sides on issues. Conflict places everyone in an uncomfortable position and drives prejudicial feelings. When conflict is present, it prevents us from exploitation positive relationships with our co-workers. 7 reciprocal Causes of Conflict in the Workpl ace Conflict 1. self-contradictory postu! late 2. Conflicting Perceptions 3. Conflicting...If you want to get a bountiful essay, decree it on our website:

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